Supplemental Services:



Flea and Tick Control

These nuisance pests may not damage your lawn but they can be among some of the bigger pests in and around your yard. By applying seasonal and targeted applications of EPA exempt and organic control products we can help you minimize these invasions. You have our word that any product we use to control insects in your lawn has been proven to be safely used around your children and pets. This program consists of 4 treatments performed May – August which is peak season.

Core Aeration

Compaction is one of your lawns greatest enemies and can work against the success of your organic lawn. This is why we recommend having your lawn aerated annually. Aeration provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone thus helping the soil food web to flourish.


BGP Premium Compost Top Dressing

Compost is “black gold”. It is the best source of organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms for your yard. BGP Premium Compost is a natural soil food that will support healthy root development and will provide maintenance of nutrients for a healthy environment in the root zone. Our well-balanced humus has the energy values your grass/plant needs. Feeding your soil and developing a healthy root system will give you a beautiful, green lawn. We do not add synthetics or harsh chemicals to our products.



Tree, Shrubs & Flower Bed Care

Benefits of our Tree, Shrub & Flower Program:

  • Increases plants resistance to environment extreme (heat, drought, cold)
  • Stimulates root growth, root development and enhances root architecture
  • Enhances photosynthetic capacity of plants

Tree and Shrub programs that rely completely on the application of chemicals have actually caused more harm than good to existing ornamentals. When a plant is forced to grow much more rapidly than nature intended it to a recipe for insect and disease infestations is created. Our tree, shrub & flower program is a six step plant health care program that will protect your landscape ornamentals without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.

 Grub Prevention

The ultimate goal of your lawn is to develop such strong plants that nuisance insects like grubs can exist in your soil but are unable to cause damage to your lawn. However, if you’ve had significant issues with grubs in the past, we can apply a grub preventative treatment that is completely acceptable under all organic standards.  We also offer traditional grub control treatments.

pH Adjustment

Proper soil pH could potentially be the most important factor in establishing a successful organic lawn. Populations of thriving beneficial bacteria prefer a soil that is slightly alkaline. The overuse of chemicals and pesticides tend to create soil that is overly acidic while certain soil types tend to be exceptionally alkaline. One of the first things we will do as part of your program is to perform a soil pH test. We will then make lime or gypsum application suggestions based on our findings.



Mosquito Control

Reclaim and enjoy your yard again!  This program will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.  We use all natural products that are completely safe.  The program consists of 4 treatments performed May – August which is peak season.  Special event treatments are also available.