Optimized Organic Lawn Care & Weed Control

What exactly is “Optimized Organic Lawn Care & Weed Control?”


Well, to start with it’s absolutely the most effective way to a perfect lawn.  Over the years, the programs that lawn services have offered haven’t changed at all.  Think about this, if you’ve had the same lawn care service for any period of time, they’ve been applying the same exact products…month after month, year after year.  “Optimized Lawn Care” is changing all of that.  By using modern products that focus on the soil, increasing the organic content in the soil. The improved soil profile provides a better base for consistent color, better disease resistance, stronger root system and increased drought tolerance. We can build a perfect lawn faster and maintain it better than any other lawn service you will find. Traditional lawn care programs only make your lawn green.

  • Optimized lawn care limits the number of “preventative” chemical treatments used in a growing season.  All those chemicals destroy soil biology and THAT IS A BAD THING.  (Ever notice they don’t work that well either.)
  • Optimized lawn care focuses on releasing nutrients that already exist in your soil.
  • Optimized lawn care builds thick, healthy turf by working with existing conditions.
  • Optimized lawn care controls weeds.
  • Optimized lawn care controls crabgrass.
  • Optimized lawn care uses the highest quality CLEAN fertilizers.
  • Most importantly “Optimized Organic Lawn Care” is all about providing a thick, green, healthy and weed free lawn!

The key to implementing a successful organic lawn care program is consistency. Bee Green Pro uses a patent pending seven step program that is customized to your lawn. Based on your lawns needs you can select one of our three standard programs to help your lawn reach its full genetic potential…


Silver Program (7 Step)

A seven step, liquid based organic lawn care program that will not only feed your turf but convert your soil into an environment rich with organic matter and biological activity.




Gold Program (7 Step + Aeration)

Because we believe aeration is such an important part of having a successful organic lawn we simply add this service to the program. Your aeration will be performed while the turf is actively growing in the spring.




Platinum Program (7 Step + Aeration + Premium Compost PLUS)

When converting from a chemical approach or starting a lawn maintenance program for the first time we strongly suggest you start here. The Bee Green Pro Organic Platinum Program is an all inclusive premiere program that is golf course and professional sports field quality. We truly believe this program is the best in the professional lawn care industry today!



Platinum ELITE  Program (7 Step + Aeration + Premium Compost PLUS + Tree & Shrub)

How can you improve upon our other programs? By doubling the application rate of our Compost PLUS for even better results! The ELITE program includes an application of the Compost PLUS that is double the rate of the Platinum program. The ELITE program also includes a spring and fall tree and shrub Compost PLUS program.



BGP Premium Compost Program PLUS

Compost is “black gold”. It is the best source of organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms for your yard. This program consists of two annual dry compost and liquid compost applications as well as aeration. BGP Premium Compost PLUS is a natural soil food that will support healthy root development and will provide maintenance of nutrients for a healthy environment in the root zone. Our well-balanced humus has the energy values your grass/plant needs. Feeding your soil and developing a healthy root system will give you a beautiful, green lawn. We do not add synthetics or harsh chemicals to our products.